​​From the mining towns of Cornwall to the
Mines of the Copper Country of Michigan and beyond:

Pasties just like Gram used to make!

The History of Pasties.

     I have been so busy making pasties that I have not had a chance to do the research I want to create this page. So here is a little taste of what I have learned so far.
     Pasties possibly originated from the mining towns of Cornwall England. The curled edges were made so that the miners could hold onto it and eat the rest without getting their dirty hands in the food. They would then toss the crust avoiding the possible ingestion of arsenic.

     The pasties have as many varieties as people that make them. They used to use a lot of venison in England but now not so much.
     I have had people tell me that they have had pasty type things in the Carribean, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, and grandparents bringing the recipe over from Finland. I have also even discovered a Pastie Museum in Real del Monte, Mexico.
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