​​From the mining towns of Cornwall to the
Mines of the Copper Country of Michigan and beyond:

Pasties just like Gram used to make!
About Us
This is Bob.
He is a miner in the Copper Country.
Bob has been mining for years and is getting tired of shoveling snow to get to his mine.
He is dreaming of the warm sun of Tucson Arizona.
Maybe it is time to join his friends and spend the winter there.

Bob tells his friends, "I​ will become a Snowbird like you, but do they have pasties down there."

No worries Bob, Snowbird Pasties has you covered.

The S​tart of Snowbird Pasties.

My name is Sue Ann Hockman and I am the founder of Snowbird Pasties.

I am a Yooper from Ontonagon, Michigan. My grandma was from Laurium, MI on the Keweenaw Peninsula. This area is commonly known as the Copper Country. My Grandma made pasties for many years at Toni's Country Kitchen. She in turn taught me how to make them. 

I have been in Tucson, AZ since the summer of 2011. I had been missing my pasties and made them one day for the family. My mother and I were talking about how nice it would be to have pasties to sell to the Snow Birds in Tucson Estates.  After calling around and getting a few orders I made my first batch to sell. They were very well accepted and Snowbird Pasties was born. For the last three years I have been selling pasties to people in and around Tucson. My daughter Katrina helps me with deliveries.

I have met people from many different states and countries and it is amazing to discover where pasties have been found. More of that in Pasty History.
Sue Ann 


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Dave & Jane:
​"Hello Sue Ann! WOW! We had your Pasties last night for dinner after purchasing them at the Green Valley Farmers Market. They were the BEST Pasties we have ever had!! We live in the eastern U.P. and have had pasties but none like yours! We'll be buying many more from you when we return to AZ in the Fall. Have a great summer! Thank You!! Dave & Jane Grondin Paradise, Michigan/Green Valley, AZ "

"My family and friends have been bringing me pasties in their suitcases from Minnesota for years.....they no longer have to as Snowbirds Pasties are delicious and just like the ones made on the iron range of Minnesota! I am so glad I found you Snowbird Pasties!"    😊 👍 😄
MikeandBetsyof write: 
" My wife Betsy picked up a couple of your pasties during the TE community sale. We had them for supper last night and had the leftovers for breakfast. We think you chose the right name ([email protected]) as they were indeed yummy! "- Mike

"If you haven't tried dont know what you are meal in Tucson for $6.00".

"Yummy they are just yummy!!!! Try them as they are full of flavor people!!!!!"

"I recently got a dozen pasties from Snowbird Pasties. I recommend them. They are pretty authentic, at least as I remember them. The owner is a “Yooper” who also spent time in Duluth, and has family in Aurora, so her pasty cred is solid!
I got both the regular and the beef, and I prefer the beef.
So, my Minnesota and Michigan Iron Range friends in Tucson (or anyone else who likes pasties), give these a try."

Loved your pasties!! So full of flavor and a perfect thin crust. So many pasties have more crust than filling!! Your crust is so thin and flaky. Loved them!! We hail from Montana. Butte MT was the home of the Anaconda Copper Co and the miners carried these pasties into the mines for their lunches. Butte carries on the tradition of pasties and yours are every bit as good. Thanks so much. I will see you at the Green Valley Farmers Market. For more pasties!
"Regular with Ketchup and coleslaw. Had them for dinner last night and they were delicious. The closest ones to my moms that I have ever had. Will continue purchasing from SnowBird Pasties!!!"

 "I Gave these out for Gifts to Family for Christmas - all had rave reviews! We appreciate you doing the hard work making them so we can enjoy them!!"
Denise : "The best pasties....highly recommend...only if I had freezer space."